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Axial Plunger Pump Rexroth A10vso71 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Bosch Rexroth

Certification: GS, RoHS, CE, ISO9001

Model Number: A10vso71

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs

Price: discussible

Packaging Details: Wooden box

Delivery Time: 5days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

Supply Ability: 500pieces/Year

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axial plunger pump rexroth


rexroth a10vso71 medium pressure


medium pressure hydraulic open circuit pumps

Model NO.:
Axial Plunger Pump
Cylinder Number:
Single Cylinder
Drive Mode:
Mechanically Driven Pump
Pump Shaft Position:
V Type
Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type:
Radial Plunger Pump Type:
Valve With Flow
Transport Package:
Wooden Box
Cast Iron
HS Code:
Foshan, China
Model NO.:
Axial Plunger Pump
Cylinder Number:
Single Cylinder
Drive Mode:
Mechanically Driven Pump
Pump Shaft Position:
V Type
Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type:
Radial Plunger Pump Type:
Valve With Flow
Transport Package:
Wooden Box
Cast Iron
HS Code:
Foshan, China
Axial Plunger Pump Rexroth A10vso71 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps

Axial Plunger Pump Structure A10vso71 Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps for Medium Pressure

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Axial Plunger Pump
Cylinder Number
Single Cylinder
Drive Mode
Mechanically Driven Pump
Pump Shaft Position
V Type
Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type
Radial Plunger Pump Type
Valve with Flow
Transport Package
Wooden Box
cast iron
HS Code

Product Description














Technical data
Optimized medium pressure pump for high power machines.
Sizes 45 to 180.
Nominal pressure 280 bar.
Maximum pressure 350 bar.
Open circuit.
Variable displacement pump with axial piston rotary group of swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit.
Flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement.
Flow can be infinitely varied by controlling the swashplate angle.
Hydrostatically unloaded cradle bearing.
Port for measurement sensor on high pressure port for all sizes with port plate 22 and 32.
Low noise level.
Increased functional reliability.
High efficiency.
Good power to weight ratio.
Universal through drive for all sizes with port plate 22 and 32.
Optional pulsation damping.


Axial Plunger Pump Rexroth A10vso71 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps 0Axial Plunger Pump Rexroth A10vso71 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Open Circuit Pumps 1



A10VSO71 Product model summary
R910936184 A A10VSO 71 DFE /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO203 R902461283 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U07 -S2879 R910938189 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12G50 *G* R902542662 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VPB32U01E
R910910314 A A10VSO 71 DFE /3*UNGUEL***00 R902563939 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U07E -S2879 R910940923 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12H00 R902492652 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VPB32U01E
R910938198 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12H00 *G* R902463216 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68 -S3948 R910941043 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12H00 *G* R902562350 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB22U00E
R910938909 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12H00 -SO*G* R902449331 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68*UNGUEL*** R910938827 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12H00 -SO*G* R902561990 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB22U00E
R910942094 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12H00 -SO*G* R902565869 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68E -S2879 R910940808 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12H00 *G* R902557047 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52
R910940945 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12H00 *G*-SO250 R902512942 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD72U00E R910910490 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902566089 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB22U00S
R910930111 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902565887 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD72U00E R910915515 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902535082 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R910939031 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902459283 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD72U01 R910910632 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R902550352 A A10VSO 71LA7DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R910912426 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R902461158 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD72U99 R910920346 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R902547194 A A10VSO 71LA7S /32R-VPB22U00E
R910934514 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902472438 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB22U99 -SO 32 R910911255 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902463155 A A10VSO 71LA7S/32R-VPB22U99
R910934511 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902488548 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 ES2183 R910919868 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902463294 A A10VSO 71LA7S/32R-VPB32U99
R910935984 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R902481943 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32L-VSB22U15 -SO157 R910911252 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R902464008 A A10VSO 71LA8D /32R-VPB32U99
R910930093 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902464810 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-CPB12N00 R910919733 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902557304 A A10VSO 71LA8DG/32R-VPB32U52E
R910941681 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902511339 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VKD72U00E E R910926478 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902487415 A A10VSO 71LA8DG/32R-VPB32U99
R910922971 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902464522 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VKD72U99 R910934982 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R902479166 A A10VSO 71LA8DS/32R-VSB22U99
R910932373 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902465283 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VKD72U99 E R910921706 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902535083 A A10VSO 71LA8DS/32R-VSB32U00E
R910930100 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K57*UNGUEL*** R902448221 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB12N00 R910934635 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R902459124 A A10VSO 71LA9DS/32R-VSB32UB3
R910912472 A A10VSO 71 DFE /30R-PPA12K57*UNGUEL*** R902544740 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB12N00 R910930190 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R902533510 A A10VSO71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68E -S3948
R902450509 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/*UNGUEL***99 -SO479 R902448900 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB12N00 -S1439 R910911566 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12K57*UNGUEL*** R902516864 A A10VSO71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68E ES3948
R902449392 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/3*UNGUEL***1 -SO479 R902448899 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB12N00 -S1648 R910913703 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902514556 A A10VSO71DFEH/32R-VRB22U99E-S3811
R902449391 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/3*UNGUEL***1 -SO479 R902460522 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB12N00 -S2183 R910912010 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902560641 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD32U68E -S2879
R902450508 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/3*UNGUEL***9 -SO479 R902490821 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22G40 R910910979 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910936422 A AA10VSO 71 DFEG/30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902449382 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/3*UNGUEL***9 -SO479 R902520809 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U00E -S2183 R910909612 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910908680 A AA10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***N00
R902462536 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32L-VRB22U99 R902520810 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U00E -S2184 R910921411 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910923928 A AA10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902462689 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32L-VRB22U99 -SO487 R902537537 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U00E -SO 52 R910916620 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910923565 A AA10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PKC62K08*UNGUEL***
R902511413 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32L-VRB22U99E -SO541 R902547996 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U00E CS2184 R910943842 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-VPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910907684 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0
R902462535 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32L-VRB32U99 R902489528 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U52 -S2888 R910932445 A A10VSO 71 DG /30L-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910911982 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0
R902462817 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB12N00 R902551181 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U52E CS2513 R910932450 A A10VSO 71 DG /30L-PPA12N00 R910907109 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO 67
R902448745 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB12N00*UNGUEL*** R902452789 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 R910935665 A A10VSO 71 DG /30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R910907108 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO 67
R902462818 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB22U01 -SO479 R902452029 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S1439 R910935789 A A10VSO 71 DG /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910915177 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO 89
R902462819 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB22UB3 R902452429 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S2183 R902546186 A A10VSO 71 DG /32R-PSB82U15E -SO854 R910916023 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO 89
R902449380 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB22UB3*UNGUEL*** R902452431 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S2184 R902544548 A A10VSO 71 DG /32R-VPB32UB2E -S4608 R910929096 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /3*UNGUEL***N00
R902462820 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB32U01 -SO479 R902521472 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S2184 R902472460 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB12N00 -SO108 R910921563 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PKC62K03*UNGUEL***
R902462821 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB32U99 -SO479 R902544743 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 -S2184 R910911403 A A10VSO 71 DR /3*UNGUEL***0 R910936266 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PKC62K40*UNGUEL***
R902462822 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB32UB3 R902489815 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99 ESO413 R910908138 A A10VSO 71 DR /30L-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910919194 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902449381 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VPB32UB3*UNGUEL*** R902448180 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22U99*UNGUEL*** R910932501 A A10VSO 71 DR /30L-VPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R910907107 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902491989 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRA22U00 -S2136 R902465510 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22UB2 R910938932 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12G10 *G* R910907986 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K03*UNGUEL***
R902462501 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U00 R902466682 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22UB2 -S2183 R910937788 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12G30 *G* R910911652 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K05*UNGUEL***
R902511412 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U00E -SO541 R902464524 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22UB2 -SO 32 R910941895 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12G40 *G* R910907985 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K08*UNGUEL***
R902462823 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U68 R902501803 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22UB2 -SO 52 R910941460 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12H00 *G* R910936260 A AA10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PKC62K40*UNGUEL***
R902449378 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U68*UNGUEL*** R902501844 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB22UB8 R910931554 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R910922741 A AA10VSO 71 DFR1/3*UNGUEL***0 -SO 89
R902460836 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U99 -SO479 R902532332 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32L40E -SO52 R910908724 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R910916026 A AA10VSO 71 DFR1/3*UNGUEL***0 -SO119
R902462508 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U99 -SO487 R902537562 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U00E -S2709 R910939615 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R910928439 A AA10VSO 71 DFR1/30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902454119 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22U99*UNGUEL*** R902540890 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U00E -SO 52 R910909263 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R910912413 A AA10VSO 71 DR /3*UNGUEL***
R902462824 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22UB8 R902555423 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U99 R910910617 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R910909758 A AA10VSO 71 DR /30R-PKC62K01*UNGUEL***
R902449389 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB22UB8*UNGUEL*** R902448836 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U99 -S2026 R910909160 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910912467 A AA10VSO 71 FE /30R-PKC62K02*UNGUEL***
R902462503 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U00 R902494805 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U99 -S2709 R910916616 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910912901 A AA10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***0
R902462826 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U00 -SO479 R902448179 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32U99 -SO 52 R910926705 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910924965 A AA10VSO 71 FED /30R-PKC62K08*UNGUEL***
R902462825 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U68 R902473246 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32UB2 -S2026 R910937410 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R910938511 A AA10VSO 71 FHD /3*UNGUEL***0
R902449379 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U68*UNGUEL*** R902538516 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VPB32UB2E -S2026 R910926374 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R409023140 A10VSO71-DFR-180L-22KW-4
R902454856 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U99*UNGUEL*** R902486410 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VRB32U01 -SO 52 R910920166 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R409023141 A10VSO71-DFR-200L-30KW-4
R902449377 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32U99*UNGUEL*** R902486409 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VRB32U68 -SO 52 R910931359 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12K56*UNGUEL*** R409023142 A10VSO71-DFR-225S-37KW-4
R902462827 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32UB8 R902450319 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB12N00 -S1439 R910941926 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12L60 *G* R900946350 A10VSO71DFE1/3XL-PPA12K04
R902449390 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VRB32UB8*UNGUEL*** R902512367 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB22U00E R910943073 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12L61 *G* R900571465 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR- PPA12L50
R902462828 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VSB22U99 R902510280 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52 R910929970 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12N *UNGUEL*** R900573216 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12G80
R902453784 A A10VSO 71 DFEH/32R-VSB22U99*UNGUEL*** R902501798 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB22U99 R910914696 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R900556030 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K01
R902462829 A A10VSO 71 DFEO/32R-VPB32U99 R902512433 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB22UB3E -SO 52 R910907406 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R900965273 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K01-2022
R902448744 A A10VSO 71 DFEO/32R-VPB32U99*UNGUEL*** R902513631 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E R910940328 A A10VSO 71 DR /30R-PPA12W20 *G* R900571577 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K01-203
R910905802 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***0 R902532478 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E *GO2EU* R902453287 A A10VSO 71 DR /32L-VKD82U99 E R900938999 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K01-479
R910914742 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***0 R902566713 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB32U00E *QDP1* R902447842 A A10VSO 71 DR /32L-VKD82U99ES2040 R900975628 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K02
R910935651 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***0 -SO160 R902477584 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSB32U99 R902546458 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-CPB12N00 R900567850 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K06-203
R910934646 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***00 R902488292 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSD62N00 ES2709 R902481144 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-CPB22U00 R900902047 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K06-479
R910943721 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/3*UNGUEL***00 R902514122 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSD72U00E R902464586 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VKD72U99 R900923036 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K06-514
R910940790 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12G10 *G* R902478168 A A10VSO 71 DRS /32R-VSD72U99 R902465285 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VKD72U99 E R900919169 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K07-2018
R910931622 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902487750 A A10VSO 71 EZ1 /32R-VPB12N00H -S3167 R902456829 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB12N00 R900900371 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K07-567
R910938193 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R910930729 A A10VSO 71 FE /3*UNGUEL***0 R902477419 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB12N00 -S1550 R900558109 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K26
R910929967 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R910908189 A A10VSO 71 FE /3*UNGUEL***0 R902531427 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB22U00E R900559628 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K26-A10DR-2006
R910914787 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R910943114 A A10VSO 71 FE /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO239 R902513592 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB22U00S R900571565 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K26-A10DR-203
R910937627 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R910940850 A A10VSO 71 FE /30R-PPA12H00*UNGUEL*** R902448636 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB22U99 R900546260 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K27
R910911820 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R910917388 A A10VSO 71 FE /30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902532331 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB32L60E R900935375 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K27-2009
R910942615 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R910923903 A A10VSO 71 FE /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902459085 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB32U52 R900567851 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K27-203
R910943469 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R902478365 A A10VSO 71 FE1 /32R-VSD32U07 -S2881 R902448638 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB32U99 R900568205 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K51-203
R910908140 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902479573 A A10VSO 71 FE1 /32R-VSD32U68 -S2881 R902449985 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB12N00 R900570613 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K51-A10DFR-2001
R910942873 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R910910585 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***0 R902469696 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB12N00 -SO108 R900570616 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K51-A10DFR1-2001
R910934152 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910943973 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***0 R902558215 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB22U00E R900571567 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K51-A10DR
R910940282 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910925407 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***0 -SO228 R902564023 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52 R900936019 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K52-2017
R910934168 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910947476 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***2 R902517131 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB22U00S R900901278 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K52-479
R910912097 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910944667 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***51 R902478094 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB22U04 R900907963 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K52-A10DR
R910936971 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910948023 A A10VSO 71 FED /3*UNGUEL***6 R902452790 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB22U99 -S2174 R900731151 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K57
R910916411 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R910920202 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R902547535 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB32U00E R900970440 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12K68
R910940910 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910932348 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R902461494 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB32U99 R900904285 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB3
R910937728 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910937660 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R902461549 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSB32U99 -SO 52 R900945900 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB3-2017
R910943326 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R910932076 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R902514123 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSD72U00E R900910418 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB4
R910936566 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R910923961 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902478169 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VSD72U99 R900945316 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB4-2017
R910936695 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R910942074 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R902540889 A A10VSO 71 DR /32R-VPB32U00E R900948713 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB4-487
R910937341 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R910935784 A A10VSO 71 FED /30R-PPA12K56*UNGUEL*** R902482614 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32L-VSD62N00 -SO413 R900901290 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB4-A10DR-2012
R910925041 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R910936399 A A10VSO 71 FEG /3*UNGUEL***0 R902538757 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VPB32U00E R900905947 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB5
R910934795 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R910932561 A A10VSO 71 FEG /30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R902495070 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VPB32U68E -SO 52 R900944605 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB5-2017
R910936155 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R910935675 A A10VSO 71 FEG /30R-PPA12K56*UNGUEL*** R902463368 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VPB32U99 R900916003 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12KB5-479
R910934200 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R910939492 A A10VSO 71 FHD /30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R902512320 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB22U00E R900535749 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12N00
R910937313 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902532961 A A10VSO 71 LA6DG/32R-VPB32U00E R902533973 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB22U00EP -S2308 R900579489 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12N00-2009
R910936467 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902532780 A A10VSO 71 LA6DG/32R-VPB32U00E E R902461219 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB22U99 R900954016 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12N00-2017
R910935309 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902551878 A A10VSO 71 LA6DG/32R-VSD72U00E R902474346 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB22U99 -S2738 R900567995 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12N00-203
R910932763 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902494243 A A10VSO 71 LA6DS/32R-VKD72U99 ESO413 R902565918 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB22UB8E R900570618 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12U50-203
R910935354 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902476533 A A10VSO 71 LA6DS/32R-VPB22U99 E R902534788 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB32U00E R900901287 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PPA12U50-479
R910935353 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902464609 A A10VSO 71 LA7D/32R-VKD72U99 R902551947 A A10VSO 71 DRF /32R-VSB32UB3E R900555010 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB4
R910934824 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902465286 A A10VSO 71 LA7D/32R-VKD72U99 E R902471847 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB22U99 R900965025 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB5
R910937729 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902463474 A A10VSO 71 LA7DS/32R-VPB12N00 R910934783 A A10VSO 71 DRG /3*UNGUEL***0 R900551657 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB5-203
R910937722 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902546556 A A10VSO 71 LA8DG/32R-VKD72U00 R910931447 A A10VSO 71 DRG /3*UNGUEL***0 R900551658 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB5-470
R910921464 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902480527 A A10VSO 71ED 72/32R-VSB32U01P -S1550 R910931037 A A10VSO 71 DRG /3*UNGUEL***0 R900902048 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB5-479
R910938197 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902448742 A A10VSO 71LA6D /32R-VPB32U99 R910943392 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12G80 *G* R900902053 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PRA12KB5-514
R910931318 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902460898 A A10VSO 71LA6D /32R-VPB32X60 R910937911 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12H00 *G* R900972081 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PSA12K01
R910938846 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902480602 A A10VSO 71LA6DG/32R-VPB32U99 R910943159 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R900916004 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PSA12K52-479
R910941577 A A10VSO 71 DFLR/30R-VPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902454852 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VPB22U99 R910930058 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R900905954 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PSA12N00
R910938194 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PPA12H00 *G* R902489420 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VPB22U99 -S2709 R910942627 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R900944134 A10VSO71DFE1/3XR-PSA12N00-2017
R910926977 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R902540774 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VPB32U00E R910933460 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12K54*UNGUEL*** R902449008 A10VSO71DR/32R-VSB12N00 BR-BEIJ-1
R910938508 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PPA12K02*UNGUEL*** R902454564 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VPB32U99 R910938431 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R902449028 A10VSO71DR/32R-VSB12N00 BR-BEIJ-3
R910907508 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30L-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902512258 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB22U00E R910943818 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-VPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902449041 A10VSO71DR/32R-VSB22U99S2174 BR-BEIJ-1
R910942735 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30L-VPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902567038 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB22U00E R910942623 A A10VSO 71 DRG /30R-VPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R902449049 A10VSO71DR/32R-VSB22U99S2174 BR-BEIJ-3
R910943839 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12G80 *G* R902461698 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB22U99 R902461199 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VKD72U99 R902449007 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB12N00S1439 BR-BEIJ-1
R910927914 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K00*UNGUEL*** R902461731 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB22U99 -SO 52 R902465284 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VKD72U99 E R902449026 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB12N00S1439 BR-BEIJ-3
R910907988 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K01*UNGUEL*** R902550396 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E R902489530 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB12N00 R902449006 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB12N00S1648 BR-BEIJ-1
R910908362 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K25*UNGUEL*** R902513636 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E R902540469 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB12N00 -S1550 R902449025 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB12N00S1648 BR-BEIJ-3
R910910090 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K26*UNGUEL*** R902532479 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E *GO2EU* R902557020 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB12N00 C R902449039 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2183 BR-BEIJ-1
R910909463 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K27*UNGUEL*** R902566717 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U00E *QDP1* R902490915 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB22G40 R902449052 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2183 BR-BEIJ-3
R910939758 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K51*UNGUEL*** R902472411 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U99 R902536067 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB22U00E -SO 52 R902470528 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2183 BR-BEIJ-4
R910919816 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K55*UNGUEL*** R902491912 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32U99 -SO413 R902490822 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB22U01 R902449040 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2184 BR-BEIJ-1
R910923975 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K56*UNGUEL*** R902474874 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32UB4 R902549770 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB22U52E -SO 52 R902449053 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2184 BR-BEIJ-3
R910911077 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12K57*UNGUEL*** R902493868 A A10VSO 71LA6DS/32R-VSB32UB8 R902465463 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB22U99 R902470530 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VPB22U99S2184 BR-BEIJ-4
R910907132 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902469028 A A10VSO 71LA6S/32R-VSB22U99 R902488996 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VPB32U99 R902463949 A10VSO71DRS /32R-VSB12N00S1439 BR-BEIJ-3
R910909822 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902459072 A A10VSO 71LA7D /32R-VPB32U68 R902511947 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB22U00E R902449010 A10VSO71DRS/32R-VPB12N00 BR-BEIJ-1
R910938786 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902459071 A A10VSO 71LA7D /32R-VPB32U99 R902564596 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52 R902449030 A10VSO71DRS/32R-VPB12N00 BR-BEIJ-3
R910921570 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902566133 A A10VSO 71LA7D /32R-VSB22U00S R902564732 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52 R902449042 A10VSO71DRS/32R-VPB22U99 BR-BEIJ-1
R910914845 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-PPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902466535 A A10VSO 71LA7D /32R-VSB22U57 R902486048 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB22UB4 R902449050 A10VSO71DRS/32R-VPB22U99 BR-BEIJ-3
R910914585 A A10VSO 71 DFR /30R-VPA12N00*UNGUEL*** R902460083 A A10VSO 71LA7DG/32R-VPB32U99 R902486905 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB32UB2 R902472567 A10VSO71DRS/32R-VSB22U99SO32 BR-BEIJ-1
R910945187 A A10VSO 71 DFR1/3*UNGUEL***0 R902544312 A A10VSO 71LA7DG/32R-VSB22U00E -SO 52 R902476025 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSB32UB4 R910938628 A2 A10VSO 71 DFSR/30R-PPA12N00 *G*-SO598
R902564614 A A10VSO 71 DRG /32R-VSD3207E -S2879
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