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  MKS hydraulic offers compact,efficient and durable components and systems.
  Uniform steel structure. Non-pressurized castings and aluminium parts
  High voltage components design
  Compact design
  Zero leak or proven low leak
  Certification of special operating conditions

Eaton-Vickers series Hydraulic Pump&Motor Parts


1.cylinder block 缸体

2.Piston shoe  柱塞

3.Valve plate  配油盘

4.Retainer plate  回程盘

5.Swash plate  摇摆

6.Spacer 压板座

7.Retaine plate 压板

8.Saddle bearing-wide  月牙轴承-宽

9.Saddle bearing -narrow 月牙轴承-窄

PVE12/19/21   TA19

1 缸体 charge  pump

2 柱塞  Piston shoe

3 配油盘 Valve plate

4 球铰  Ball guide

5 回程盘 Retainer plate

6 摇摆 Swash plate

7 大弹簧 Coil spring

8 垫片 Spacer

9 挡圈 Back up ring

10 卡簧 Snap ring

11 小弹簧 Block spring 


1补油泵 charge  pump

2 缸体  cylinder block

3 集成阀 valve assy

4 柱塞  piston shoe

5/6/7 配油盘 valve plate

8 回程盘 retainer plate

9 传动轴 drive shaft

10 衬板 bearing plate

11 止推板 thrust plate