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Hydraulic system cleaning and filtration

Hydraulic system cleaning and filtration

Filtration of hydraulic system

In addition to cleaning, filtration of hydraulic system is also essential, because it is also an important means to control oil pollution. Through filtration, it can prevent the invasion of chips and other pollution particles, remove the existing or continuously generated pollution particles and wear particles in the hydraulic system, and maintain the allowable pollution degree (pollution sensitivity) of hydraulic components. At present, it has become an important topic in filtration to develop various types of higher education precision oil filters and explore the best filtration mode to provide the lowest filtration level to ensure that the components have sufficient protection capacity at a low total cost.

Some notes on cleaning and filtering of hydraulic system

(1) In order to clean effectively, the cleaning fluid must be in a turbulent state at the cleaning place to ensure the cleaning effect, that is, the Reynolds number must be above 4000. If the Reynolds number is not enough, increase the flow, reduce the viscosity of the cleaning solution, or increase the cleaning temperature and use oil with a large specific gravity. When cleaning at room temperature with small flow, the general effect is poor.

(2) If the filtration area can be increased during filtration, it will be economical; Separate filter circuit is set, and the cleaning effect is good; Installing a heater in the circuit can improve the cleaning effect.

Generally, in order to carry out effective cleaning, measures such as increasing oil temperature, increasing flow, using low viscosity oil, using high specific gravity oil, using pulse liquid flow and using system for vibration flushing can be adopted.

(3) The series combination of primary oil filter and secondary oil filter is very uneconomic.

(4) For the components (such as servo components) that are highly sensitive to pollution in the system, it is best to install auxiliary filters or remove them separately for special cleaning.

(5) Attention shall also be paid during flushing: the oil tank shall be closed to reduce the chance of particles in the air entering the oil tank; When adding flushing oil to the oil tank, the refueling trolley with filter shall be used to filter the pollutants in the barreled oil; When replacing the filter element, stop flushing the pump and pay attention not to bring impurities; Emptying and blowdown shall be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full and exhaust gas and pollutants in time; In the early stage of flushing, water evaporation in the oil is very important, and there should be a window for steam escape on the flushing oil tank; After flushing the grid, draw out the flushing oil and pipeline. Pay attention to protection before use to prevent pollutants from entering the system.

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