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Assembly of axial piston pump

Assembly of axial piston pump

(1) Before assembly, all parts or components to be assembled shall be comprehensively checked again and recorded.

(2) Remove burrs from all parts, especially sharp corners.

(3) All parts shall be cleaned carefully before assembly to prevent impurities, dust, dirt, etc. from mixing into the surfaces of the matching rooms in the pump, so as not to scratch the smooth surface of each matching part.

(4) When assembling, knock with force. When it is necessary to knock, do not directly knock the parts with a hammer, but cushion them with an intermediate object (such as a red copper rod).

(5) Be careful to prevent the steel ball of the centering spring from falling off during assembly. The steel ball can be coated with clean grease to make the steel ball stick to the inner sleeve of the spring or return disc before assembly. Otherwise, if the steel ball falls into the pump during assembly, other parts in the pump must be damaged during operation, so that the pump can no longer be repaired. Be sure to pay attention to this.

(6) There is a locating pin on the connecting table between the pump body and the valve plate, which should not be pulled out under normal circumstances. If the end face of the valve plate is pulled out due to grinding, pay attention to the correct position of the locating pin to the pin hole on the pump body during reassembly. If it is installed incorrectly, it cannot absorb oil normally. As shown in figure x, if the hydraulic pump operates normally (according to direction a), the locating pin must be installed in hole 1; If the hydraulic pump runs in the reverse direction (according to direction B), the locating pin must be installed in hole 2; If the hydraulic pump needs to be used as a hydraulic motor, the locating pin must be installed in hole 3 regardless of forward or reverse rotation.

(7) when the variable head is installed, it should be adjusted freely within 0 to 21 degrees. Finally, the inclination angle of the variable head should be 20 degree 30.

(8) When tightening the screws, they shall be stressed symmetrically and evenly, tightened in several times, and the pump shaft shall be rotated by hand at one side to ensure flexible and stable rotation without block of different weight.

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