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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic transmission

1. Advantages of hydraulic transmission

Compared with mechanical transmission and electric drive system, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:

(1) The layout of hydraulic components is not strictly limited by spatial location. All parts of the system are connected by pipes. The layout and installation has great flexibility and can form a complex system that is difficult to form by other methods.

(2) It can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation during operation, and the speed regulation range can reach 2000:1.

(3) Hydraulic transmission and hydro pneumatic linkage transmission have uniform and stable movement, which is easy to realize rapid start, braking and frequent commutation.

(4) The operation and control is convenient and labor-saving, and it is easy to realize automatic control, medium and long-distance control and overload protection. Combined with electrical control and electronic control, it is easy to realize automatic working cycle and automatic overload protection.

(5) Hydraulic components are the basic parts of mechanical industry, with a high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization, which is conducive to shortening the design and manufacturing cycle of the machine and reducing the manufacturing cost.

In addition, the outstanding advantages of hydraulic transmission are high output power per unit mass. Because the power element of hydraulic transmission can adopt high pressure (generally up to 32Mpa, higher in some cases), it has the characteristics of small volume, small mass, small motion inertia and good dynamic performance under the same output power.

2. Disadvantages of hydraulic transmission

The disadvantages of hydraulic transmission are as follows:

(1) In the transmission process, the energy needs to be converted twice, and the transmission efficiency is low.

(2) Due to the compressibility and leakage of transmission medium, constant ratio transmission can not be strictly guaranteed.

(3) Hydraulic transmission performance is sensitive to temperature and cannot work at high temperature. When using petroleum based hydraulic oil as transmission medium, attention must also be paid to fire prevention.

(4) The manufacturing accuracy of hydraulic components is high, and it is difficult to diagnose faults in the working process of the system.

In general, the advantages of hydraulic transmission are the main, and its disadvantages will be overcome with the development of science and technology. For example, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission, electric transmission and mechanical transmission are reasonably combined to form gas-liquid, electro-hydraulic (gas), mechanical hydraulic (gas) and other combined transmission, so as to further give play to the advantages of each white, complement each other and make up for some shortcomings.

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