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Development of hydraulic transmission technology in China

Development of hydraulic transmission technology in China

Hydraulic and pneumatic transmission is a new technology compared with mechanical transmission. Mechanical transmission has a history of hundreds of years since the birth of the world's first hydraulic press in 1795, but hydraulic and pneumatic transmission have been widely used and developed in industry since the middle of the 20th century. Hydraulic technology has penetrated into many fields, and has been greatly applied and developed in civil industry, machine tool, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, automobile, ship and other industries, and has developed into a complete automation technology including transmission, control and detection. Nowadays, the degree of hydraulic transmission has become one of the important symbols to measure the industrial level of a country. For example, 95% of construction machinery, 90% of CNC machining centers and more than 95% of white lines produced in developed countries adopt hydraulic transmission technology.

In recent years, China's hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry has adhered to technological progress, accelerated the development of new products, achieved good results, and emerged a number of distinctive high-tech products. The direct acting electro-hydraulic servo valve of XX company, the low-noise proportional overflow valve of XX company (with patent) and the electro-hydraulic proportional pressure flow valve of XX company are high-tech products of mechatronics, which have been put into mass production and achieved good economic benefits. Constant power variable piston pump, which fills the gap of large displacement piston pump in China, is suitable for supporting large-scale complete sets of equipment such as metallurgy, forging, mining and so on. Three kinds of gear pumps of XX Co., Ltd. have the characteristics of novel structure, small volume, high pressure resistance, low noise and advanced performance indicators. The high-performance combined gear pump of XX company can be widely used in engineering, metallurgy, mining machinery and other fields. In addition, the high-pressure and high-performance vane pump of XX company, the ultra-high pressure hose assembly of XX company, and the WPI new cylinder series supporting various automatic control equipment of XX company are all very distinctive new products.

In order to cope with the new situation after China's entry into WTO, enterprises in China's hydraulic industry have accelerated scientific and technological innovation and continuously improved the market competitiveness of products. A number of high-quality products have successfully matched national key projects and key main engines, and achieved better economic and social benefits.

The hydraulic equipment of the natural gas transmission pipeline production line of XX company is the supporting equipment of the national west to east gas transmission project; High temperature and high pressure W-type spiral wound gasket of XX company has been successfully used in hydrocracking unit; The steering vane pump of XX company is a key component in the steering system of medium and heavy trucks. At present, the annual output of steering vane pumps of the two plants has reached more than 100000 units; The new combined two-way seal and large anti mud oil seal of XX company are the seals supporting FAW Jiefang 9t vehicle and Yituo tractor respectively; In addition, the hydrostatic transmission device and multi-way valve of XX company, the multi-functional slide valve of XX company, the air pressure reducing valve of the combined pressure regulating valve of XX company, the hydraulic pump station and hydraulic shift valve of XX company are highly praised by users.

It can be seen that hydraulic transmission products play a very important role in the national economy and national defense construction. Its development determines the performance of mechanical and electrical products. It is not only a necessary condition to maximize the functional diversification of electromechanical products, but also a basic guarantee for the completion of major engineering projects and major technical equipment, but also a guarantee for the reliability of electromechanical products and major engineering projects and equipment. Therefore, the development of hydraulic transmission products is an indispensable means to realize production process automation, especially industrial automation.

Now all countries in the world attach importance to the development of basic products. In recent years, due to the wide application of high-tech achievements in foreign hydraulic technology, the level, varieties and extended application fields of basic products have been greatly improved and developed.

China's hydraulic products have a certain production capacity and technical level of production and scientific research system. Especially in the past decade, the basic product industry has been supported by the state and the equipment level has been improved. At present, it has been able to produce products with complete varieties and specifications, including automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, plastic machines, metallurgy and mines, power generation equipment, petrochemical industry, railways, ships, ports, light industry, electronics Provide a basically complete range of products in the fields of medicine and national defense industry; Through scientific research and the combination of production, study and research, the achievements in hydraulic servo proportional system and components have been used in production; Gratifying progress has been made and widely used in product CAD and cat, and many wholly-owned and joint ventures have been established in China. While improving the technical level of China's industry, it provides the host with urgently needed high-performance and high-level products and fills the gap in China.

Despite the above achievements, there is still a big gap between China's hydraulic products and the current domestic demand and foreign advanced level. The main problems include product assimilation, unreasonable composition, low performance, poor reliability, weak innovation and self-development ability, and low self-design level, which are specifically reflected in the product level There is a great structural contradiction between the product system and market demand. China's hydraulic market is very large, users have different requirements for products, and there is a great market demand for various high-quality and high-performance hydraulic components. The products that most domestic enterprises can provide, whether in grade or type, are far from meeting these needs. Therefore, while many low-grade products compete at lower prices, they have to give up a huge market to foreign products. This shows that in the face of rich and diverse market demand, the two contradictions of structural surplus and structural shortage of the existing product system in the domestic hydraulic industry coexist at the same time; It also shows that our product diversity, hierarchical distribution and market adaptability need to be adjusted and improved. The investment capacity of enterprises in product renewal and equipment transformation is insufficient.

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