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Coal mine equipment_ Hoist hydraulic system failure

Coal mine equipment_ Hoist hydraulic system failure

(1) Troubleshooting methods

The troubleshooting should follow the principle of overall judgment, comprehensive analysis and local judgment. In this section, taking jky2 / 1.5b hoist as an example, the methods are as follows:

① According to the phenomenon of fault, the type of fault is judged and analyzed;

② By analyzing the transmission process and principle of the system, the fault location is determined;

③ Analysis of associated components;

④ Through the analysis of the system schematic diagram, the cause of the fault is analyzed and judged comprehensively;

⑤ Provide the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the system;

⑥ Check the possible causes of the fault;

⑦ Determine the cause and location of the fault;

⑧ According to the sequence of system operation conditions, the fault treatment is carried out.

(2) Fault analysis

Fault phenomena: abnormal sound of hydraulic motor, abnormal vibration of two connecting pipes of motor, fluctuation of system pressure.

The troubleshooting process is as follows.

① According to the phenomenon of the fault, it is preliminarily judged that the type of the fault is system pressure fault.

② The fault parts are oil supply pressure pipeline, hydraulic motor and system pressure oil. Hydraulic motor, high pressure relief valve, center bypass valve in pressure pipeline, axial piston pump and system pressure oil are directly related to the fault location.

③ Considering the pressure fluctuation in the system, the oil quality was clarified and the pressure valve was checked. After inspection, the hydraulic oil is too dirty and the pressure valve is blocked. After cleaning the whole pressure system, replace with new oil and check the transmission parts of the system. Provide conditions for the normal operation of the system.

④ Aiming at the system fault, through analysis and investigation, it is determined that the causes of the fault are too dirty oil quality, not tight closing of high and low pressure, and improper adjustment of hydraulic motor. The parts are hydraulic motor, system hydraulic oil, and center bypass valve.

⑤ Replace the system with new oil. After grinding and adjusting the center bypass valve, the problems of pressure fluctuation and abnormal vibration of high and low pressure pipeline are solved, and the sound of hydraulic motor is reduced. After adjusting the fine adjustment screw of the motor, the hydraulic motor works normally.

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