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Failure of non traction and one way traction in hydraulic system of Mg series Shearer

Failure of non traction and one way traction in hydraulic system of Mg series Shearer

In the use of a mg series shearer, the hydraulic system of the traction part is prone to failure of non traction and one-way traction. The hydraulic system of Mg series shearer traction part is shown in Figure B.


There are two kinds of non traction phenomenon: when the shearer cuts coal, it does not pull, but when the cutter is empty, it pulls; No coal cutting, no traction. When the above two kinds of faults occur in the shearer, the fault position should be found out as soon as possible and repaired. The main reasons of shearer not pulling are as follows.

① Low pressure system fault low pressure system fault mainly includes oil replenishment system, back pressure and control system fault. The main fault of oil make-up system is that the oil supply pressure of auxiliary pump is lower than the low pressure side pressure of main circuit system or the auxiliary pump does not discharge oil. At this time, the oil quantity at the low-pressure side of the main circuit system is insufficient and cannot work normally, resulting in no traction phenomenon. When the traction handle is pulled, the main hydraulic pump has a displacement. If the low pressure is normal and the main hydraulic pump has no swing angle when pulling the traction handle, check the back pressure. If the back pressure is too low, the pressure loss valve is in the valve position where the two cavities of the servo mechanism communicate with each other, that is, there is no main swing angle, and the shearer does not pull.

⑦ When the high-voltage system fails and the low-voltage system is normal, the traction failure may be caused by the high-voltage system failure. High pressure system failure is mainly caused by the system pressure can not reach the set pressure, or the failure of the traction traveling box.

For the shearer is not traction, the specific fault diagnosis and troubleshooting process is shown in Figure C.


In the process of working, the shearer often has the fault of one-way traction or weak traction on one side. This situation can eliminate the main hydraulic pump, motor and auxiliary pump failure, because once the above components failure, the shearer will not tow in both directions. If one-way traction or one side traction of shearer is weak, it can be diagnosed and treated according to the sequence of figure D.

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