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Treatment of hydraulic failure of packer

Treatment of hydraulic failure of packer

① Fault analysis and treatment of 250ycy-14-1b axial piston pump the downward compression cotton bag of a mdy-200a hydraulic baler plunger can not stop before reaching the set position, but the system has a certain pressure, and the noise of the piston pump is too large. According to the instructions, the cause can not be found. During the removal of the copper cylinder, it was found that the wear of the center jacket on the cylinder was large, the surface of the center jacket entering the cylinder and the copper cylinder was flush, the center return spring was shortened, the plunger return was not in place, and the pump flow was insufficient. After turning the outer diameter of the copper rod to the same size as the center jacket, the inner diameter of the copper rod to the same size as the outer diameter of the transmission shaft spline, and the thickness to the same wear thickness, the copper rod is installed on the copper cylinder (tight fit), and the hydraulic pump is installed, and the production returns to normal.

② Analysis and treatment of bending deformation of piston hydraulic cylinder after maintenance of a mdy-200a hydraulic cotton baler, the whole frame of the baler vibrated greatly and made a lot of noise during trial production. After several tests, it is found that when the compression height of plunger is 500mm, the vibration is larger, and when the compression height is 450mm, the vibration disappears. During the production of the machine, the dust cover and pressing plate burst suddenly. So remove the hydraulic cylinder piston to see if there are debris in the cylinder pulling the inner wall of the cylinder. After inspection, there is no debris and no wear on the inner wall of the cylinder block. The analysis shows that the piston rod is bent and deformed, so a new one must be purchased. The piston rod must be repaired and used as soon as possible, and then purchased separately. Therefore, the outer diameter of the pressing plate and the inner diameter of the dust cover shall be removed by 2mm, and the outer diameter of the piston and the inner diameter of the lower cylinder head shall be removed by 1mm. After installation, there is no vibration and noise, and the production is normal.

③ Fracture of hydraulic cylinder for closing box door and its treatment. After welding and reinforcement, the four screws for installing and fixing the hydraulic cylinder were broken several times in each shift, but the sliding sleeve and hydraulic cylinder could not be replaced. After observation, it was found that when the baler was compressing the cotton bale, the whole machine frame and the foundation sank at the same time, and the oil leakage at the welding part of the oil pipe in the rod cavity of the main hydraulic cylinder. Through analysis, the fracture of the hydraulic cylinder closing the box door was related to the foundation sinking. After consulting the Design Institute, it was learned that the foundation subsidence was related to the underground structure. The underground of the plant was mostly sandy soil. When a fire broke out during production, water was used to extinguish the fire. Water penetrated into the sandy soil and caused the foundation subsidence. Therefore, the foundation must be laid again. After the cotton processing, the baler was removed, the foundation was laid and installed again. Since then, the hydraulic cylinder of the box door was not broken again.

④ In the production of quick replacement of oil seal, it may cause external or internal leakage of the system due to aging or wear of oil seal. Sometimes it is convenient and sometimes troublesome to replace oil seal. In production, how to quickly replace the oil seal to save time, the following ways are worth reference.

The leakage of the lower cylinder head of the piston cylinder of a mdy-200a down press baler. According to the normal oil seal replacement method, the pressure block, dust cover and lower cylinder head must be removed first. In order to prevent the piston rod from sliding, the upper cylinder head must be opened and the piston rod must be hoisted with a hoist. After analysis, it was decided not to remove the pressure block, but to put a round steel under the pressure block to prevent the piston rod from sliding down. Remove the screw of the lower cylinder head, cut off the old O-shaped oil seal, replace it with a new O-shaped oil seal, and use scissors to cut the new oil seal to less than 45 ° After installing the screw, the production operation can return to normal as long as one hour.

It is sometimes difficult to install a new oil seal on the valve or plunger. The waste hydraulic oil or water has been poured into the basin, and then the new oil seal is put into the basin for heating. The oil seal will become soft as the oil temperature rises. At this time, quickly take out the oil seal from the basin for installation, and then install the components when the oil seal temperature drops.

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