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Non through shaft axial piston pump 2

Non through shaft axial piston pump 2

③ The swashplate piston pump is opposite to the common swashplate piston pump. The swashplate of the swashplate piston pump is driven by the pump shaft, and the cylinder block is fixed in the housing. This kind of pump adopts the point contact plunger, and the return stroke is realized by the separate spring dispersed in each plunger or the preload in the oil suction chamber. According to the distribution form, there are two types: gap seal distribution and mixed distribution.

a. The clearance seal valve distribution type is shown in Figure K. the transmission shaft 1 passes through the swashplate 4 and the end face or cylindrical valve distribution plate 7 connected with them by keys 3 and 9. When the transmission shaft rotates, it drives the swashplate 4 and valve distribution plate 7 at the same time. This kind of structure has not been further developed because there are too many sliding surfaces to be sealed.


b. The main products of the existing swashplate piston pump are slide valve, seat valve or both. As shown in Figure L, the plunger of the pump itself is also used as the oil suction slide valve. When the plunger 4 is supported by the elastic force of the return spring 6, the corresponding oil discharge seat valve 7 on the bottom cover 8 is closed due to the joint action of the oil pressure in the cavity and its own spring, and the negative pressure occurs in the lower cavity of the cylinder barrel. When the edge of the top of the plunger opens the oil suction ring groove in the middle of the cylinder barrel, the oil in the shell 2 will be filled into the cylinder barrel After the plunger goes down and the oil suction ring groove is closed again, the oil in the lower chamber of the cylinder barrel is compressed. When the resultant force of the oil pressure and the return spring force exceeds the forces on the other side of the oil drain seat valve, the valve opens and new pressure oil enters the oil drain chamber.


The advantage of swashplate piston pump is that the moment of inertia of rotating parts is small. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust the inclination angle of swashplate to make variable displacement pump. However, some swashplate piston pumps recently researched and produced by some manufacturers can provide a variety of variable control modes. The k3vg series rotary swash plate axial piston pump produced by Kawasaki Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. of Japan is equipped with high-precision electro-hydraulic servo regulator [Ilis (Intelligent linearized servo)], and rich control modes such as pressure control, flow control, power control and composite control are available for users to choose. The rated pressure of the series of pumps is 34.3mpa, and the displacement range is 63 ~ 560ml / R, with low noise It is suitable for the open hydraulic system of general industrial machinery.

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