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Typical structure vane swing hydraulic motor

Typical structure vane swing hydraulic motor

① Single blade swing motor with block blade (Fig. w) the single blade swing motor with block blade is composed of shell 10, blade 7, output shaft 6, stop 2 and other parts. The stop is connected to the inner surface of the shell to isolate the oil suction and discharge cavities, so the stop is also called the spacer. Blade 7 is massive. The motor adopts clearance seal, and the seal of moving parts is achieved by grinding and matching, but the sealing performance is poor, which is only suitable for low pressure.


② The blades of the pressure compensation sealed single blade swing motor (Fig. x) are made into left and right halves, and the integral frame seal 1, O-ring 2, spacer 3 and steel ball 9 are arranged in the middle. They are positioned by pin 4 and clamped into an integral blade by screw 5. The distance piece keeps the preset distance between the left and right half of the blade. When the blade is clamped with screws, the integral frame seal and the O-ring are preloaded and play a certain sealing role. There are also triangular grooves on the spacer. When the pressure oil flows out from a valve seat 8 installed in the left and right half of the blade, push the steel ball to fill the space enclosed by the inner side of the O-ring through the triangular groove. Because the steel ball seals the valve port of the opposite valve seat, the pressure oil can not enter the low pressure chamber. The pressure oil in the space makes the O-ring expand and deform, and compresses the integral frame seal to make it tight Even if it is worn, it can compensate automatically and play a good sealing role. When the pressure oil reverses, the space enclosed by the inner side of the O-ring can also be filled with pressure oil to realize the sealing function of automatic compensation. The stop also has the same sealing structure as the blade. The maximum working pressure of the motor is 25MPa, the maximum swing angle is 170 ° and the output torque is 1100n · M. Suitable for driving load in high pressure hydraulic system.


③ Double blade swing motor (Fig. y) the structure and sealing form of blades and stop of this kind of motor are basically similar to that of single blade swing motor. But the blades and stops of the double blade swing motor are configured in pairs. The pressure oil chambers are symmetrical to the output shaft. Therefore, the radial hydraulic pressure can cancel each other, so that the output shaft is free from radial load. When the structure and size of the two swing cylinders are the same, the output torque of the double blade swing motor can be doubled than that of the single blade swing motor, but the rotation angle also decreases accordingly. The double blade swing motor is suitable for small swing angle, large torque and limited structure size.



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