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Types and characteristics of screw pump

Types and characteristics of screw pump


Screw pump is used to transport the working medium along the axial direction by one or several mutually meshing screws rotating in the common casing. Its simplest form is a shaft with spiral blades in the cylinder. It has been thousands of years since people used this kind of device to lift materials such as water or building mortar. Archimedes screw pump (see Figure 1-4) is one of the devices originated from this.

As seen from the cross section of the screw, the screw is meshed like a special gear, so sometimes the screw pump is listed in the gear pump.

(1) Type characteristics

① The detailed classification of classification screw pump is shown in Figure a. the working condition of non sealing type (continuous liquid column type) pump is similar to that of screw conveyor in food machinery, and it is more suitable for conveying viscous materials. In the field of hydraulic engineering, generally only sealed screw pump is used.


The screw of single screw pump has a circular normal cross section, which is made of special rubber and other elastic materials. It is mainly used for conveying materials. The displacement of twin-screw pump can be very large, which is mainly used for conveying and rarely used as hydraulic pump. Pumps with more than three screws are rare. Three screw pump is mainly used in hydraulic engineering.

② The characteristics are shown in the table below

Characteristics of screw pump

Main advantages











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