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Introduction of screw motor

Introduction of screw motor

Screw motor has three screw type and single screw type. Screw motor has the characteristics of no torque ripple, uniform speed, low noise and high efficiency.


Figure L shows the structural principle of a high-pressure three screw motor. The structure of the motor is basically the same as that of the screw pump. The motor is composed of a convex screw 1 and two concave screws 2, a shell 3 and a bushing 4. The shaft extension of the convex screw 1 is also used as the output shaft. When the high-pressure oil is input from the population, the hydraulic force will produce a tangential force on the spiral surface of the convex screw, forming a hydraulic torque, forcing the convex screw to drag the working mechanism and the load to rotate. Because the concave screw is designed according to the torque unloading condition, there is no torque transfer between the concave screw and the convex screw. With the rotation of the screw, the oil is taken to the low-pressure oil outlet for discharge. As shown in the figure, the screw motor only adopts axial force balance measures in one direction, so it can not be reversed. In order to make the motor reverse, it must have the axial force balance measures after reverse.

Screw motor allows high-speed rotation, so the use of high-speed motor is very superior. In addition to the power head of grinding machine and drilling machine, it can also be used as flow velocity meter. Because of its small radial size and large output torque (up to several thousand n · m), the single screw motor with circular cross section is very convenient to drive the drill bit in deep formation.

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