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Structure and characteristics of ultra high pressure hydraulic pump

Structure and characteristics of ultra high pressure hydraulic pump

In hydraulic engineering, the working pressure higher than 32 MPa is usually called ultra-high pressure. In the range of ultra-high pressure, the pressure which is widely used at home and abroad is 63 ~ 80MPa. This pressure level of hydraulic pump is called ultra-high pressure pump. It is one of the characteristics of ultra-high pressure hydraulic pump to work under very high pressure and very small flow. The flow rate of ultra-high pressure pump is generally small, mostly in the range of 0.4 ~ 10 L / min. Therefore, reducing leakage and improving volumetric efficiency are the technical problems.

When the pressure is more than 32 MPa, it is difficult for gear pump, vane pump and general piston pump to ensure good sealing and other working performance. Only specially designed piston pump can produce and guarantee 63 ~ 80 MPa ultra-high pressure. Due to the good adaptability of the piston pair with valve distribution to the seal under ultra-high pressure, this kind of piston pump is generally axial piston pump or radial piston pump with valve distribution structure. This kind of plunger pump can be configured with different numbers or diameters of plunger on a pump body to form a series of products with different displacement specifications for mass production of hydraulic component manufacturers and user selection. Moreover, the factory has supplied a set of ultra-high pressure pump station with some basic control valves such as pump and overflow valve, pressure gauge, oil tank, hose and other components. The prime mover can be configured as motor or small internal combustion engine (gasoline engine) according to the needs of users. In addition, the manual ultra-high pressure pump is also a simple and practical structure. The ultra-high pressure pump with pressure more than 100 MPa mostly adopts crankshaft connecting rod axial piston pump, but it also uses radial piston pump.

As the oil source, the ultra-high pressure hydraulic pump and its pumping station have the advantages of small volume, light weight and large output. Therefore, they have been widely used not only in the ultra-high pressure test of pressure vessels and pressure pipelines, the permeability test of underground strata, the production equipment of synthetic diamond and even some pharmaceutical machinery (such as tablet press) with large load and small displacement, but also in the engineering construction site, maintenance site and construction site Mobile power source and tools are indispensable for emergency rescue.

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