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Troubleshooting of gear pump


The following table is gear pump in the use of some common fault phenomena and troubleshooting.


Gear pump in the use of some common fault phenomena and troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon

Cause analysis

Exclusion method

1. There is no oil or pressure in the pump

(1) The rotation direction of prime mover and pump is inconsistent

(1) Correct the rotation direction of prime mover

(2) Pump drive key off

(2) Re install the drive key

(3) The oil inlet and outlet are connected reversely

(3) Select the correct connection method according to the instruction manual

(4) The oil level in the oil tank is too low, and the liquid level of the suction pipe is exposed

(4) Replenish the oil above the minimum level line

(5) Too low speed and insufficient suction

(5) Increase the speed above the minimum speed of the pump

(6) Oil viscosity too high or too low

(6) Select the working oil with recommended viscosity

(7) Blockage of suction pipe or filter device results in poor oil absorption

(7) Choose the right filter according to the pump and instruction

(8) Poor oil absorption due to high suction pipe or filtration accuracy

(8) Choose the right filter according to the sample and instruction

(9) Air leakage in suction pipe

(9) Check the joints of pipes, seal and fasten them

2. The flow is not enough to reach the rated value

(1) The speed is too low to reach the rated speed

(1) Select the prime mover speed according to the rated speed specified in the product sample or instruction manual

(2) There is a leak in the system

(2) Check the system and repair the dew point

(3) Because the pump works for a long time and vibrates, the connecting screw of the pump cover is loose

(3) Tighten the screws properly

(4) Same as table 1. (9)

(4) Same as table 1. (9)

(5) Insufficient oil absorption:

① Same as table 1. (9)

② The inlet filter is blocked or the flow rate is too small

③ The suction pipe is blocked or the diameter is small





















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