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Key points of radial piston pump

Key points of radial piston pump

(l) As mentioned above, radial piston pump has a small application range, and in the ordinary hydraulic system with mineral based hydraulic oil as working medium, radial piston pump with clearance sealing port pair is more and more replaced by axial piston pump (swash plate or swash shaft type). The scope of application of the two is roughly the same, and the oil absorption performance of the radial pump is generally better. The radial piston pump is one of the smallest and largest two-way variable displacement pumps in the hydrostatic driving device of walking machinery for continuous operation. The former is used for garden mower with power less than 3KW, while the latter is used for armored combat vehicle with power up to 500kW. The common characteristics of these two kinds of radial pumps are that they both use steel ball piston, both are axial flow distribution, and both are "back-to-back" assembled together with a quantitative motor with similar structure to form an integral hydraulic transmission. The traditional application field of valve distribution type radial piston pump is a variety of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure hydraulic tools, such as various presses, material testing machines, steel pre-stressed tensioning machines, jacks, riveters, cutting tongs and various mechanical or manual hydraulic tools. Another important use of them is in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other equipment that need to use Refractory working fluid. In recent years, this kind of pump has been widely used in automobile hydraulic power steering system and hydraulic suspension system of some agricultural tractors, many of which can achieve variable special performance by controlling oil absorption. The axial flow radial piston pump is mainly used in the hydraulic system of some heavy machine tools.

(2) Parameter selection and selection can refer to the method of axial piston pump.

(3) Precautions radial piston pump use precautions are basically the same as the axial piston pump. In use, the relevant terms of the product manual should be carefully studied and installed and operated according to its requirements. For example, some pumps must be deflated before they are first used, so as to avoid damaging the pump. If the pump does not discharge foam oil after running 20s, the hydraulic system must be inspected. After the pump reaches the prescribed operation data, the pipeline should be checked whether the leakage is over, and the oil temperature is exceed the standard. .

5.1.7 troubleshooting

The common faults of radial piston pump in use include no oil delivery or insufficient oil quantity, pressure can not rise or insufficient pressure, abnormal flow and pressure, excessive noise, abnormal heating and leakage, etc. the general methods of fault diagnosis and troubleshooting can refer to the axial piston pump for troubleshooting.

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