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No load displacement test report of hydraulic pump and motor

No load displacement test report of hydraulic pump and motor

a. The time and place of the test;

b. The name of the tester and / or the engineer responsible for the test;

c. Description of the tested element, including model and serial number (if any);

d. Measurement accuracy level (see Appendix A);

e. The ambient temperature of the test area (see (4) of (2));

f. Details of the filter in the test circuit (see (3) (1));

g. The description of the test circuit, including the position of the flowmeter (see (3) of (2));

h. Detailed information of test medium (i.e. viscosity and mass density in accordance with GB / T 7631.2 and GB / T 3141) (see (4) of (1));

i. Test temperature (see 2 of (4));

j. The oil pressure in the shell, if necessary (see (4) of ③).

② Expression of test results

a. The no-load displacement of the positive displacement pump or motor constitutes the basis of determining the volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency of the tested component according to GB / T 17491. Therefore, the no-load displacement is a very important parameter value, which should be determined by the most accurate method economically feasible. Due to the importance of no-load displacement, the test data should be expressed in digital form and the final value should be determined by calculation. Only when the drawing scale of the discharge per revolution is large enough to meet the requirements of accuracy, can it be considered in the form of chart.

b. At least the following information should be submitted: inlet pressure; outlet pressure; speed; flow: outlet flow of pump or inlet flow of motor; time interval of flow measurement; temperature of test medium.

c. At least the following results shall be determined and submitted from the test data: the pressure difference through the tested element, expressed in MPa (or bar); the flow rate, expressed in lgmin;

The actual shaft speed is expressed in R / min; the kinematic viscosity of the test medium is expressed in mm2 / S; the mass density of the test medium is expressed in kg / m3; the calculated no-load displacement (liquid discharge per revolution) is expressed in ml / R.

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