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Troubleshooting of vane motor

Troubleshooting of vane motor

The common faults and troubleshooting of vane motor in operation are shown in the table below.


Common faults and troubleshooting of vane motor in operation

Fault phenomenon

Cause analysis

Exclusion method

1. Low output speed and torque

(1) Insufficient oil supply

① The suction filter of oil supply hydraulic pump is blocked

② Oil viscosity too high

③ Excessive axial or radial clearance, etc

(1) The solution to the problem of insufficient oil supply:

① Clean the oil filter

② Change the oil with proper viscosity

③ Grind the stator or other related parts to make the axial or radial clearance meet the requirements

(2) The prime mover (motor or internal combustion engine) of hydraulic pump has improper power or speed

① Prime mover power mismatch

② The prime mover speed is lower than the rated speed

(2) The solution to improper power or speed of prime mover:

① Replace the prime mover to match the power of the hydraulic pump

② Select the prime mover whose speed meets the requirements

(3) The sealing device at each joint is not tight and air is mixed in

(3) Check and tighten the joints to improve the sealing

(4) Working medium pollution, hydraulic motor internal channel is blocked

(4) Disassemble and clean carefully, and replace the clean working medium

(5) Medium viscosity is too small, resulting in increased internal leakage

(5) Change the medium with suitable viscosity

(6) Valve plate and blade wear, internal leakage

(6) Repair or replace relevant parts

(7) Poor sealing of check valve in hydraulic system

(7) Repair the single-phase valve seat or replace the relevant parts to make the valve seat and the steel ball tight

(8) Failure of relief valve in hydraulic system

(8) Repair or replace the relief valve

2. Noise

Too large

(1) The coupling with the working mechanism is not concentric or loose

(1) Refit, adjust or tighten

(2) The two sides of the blade contacting with the valve plate or the top of the blade are worn or scratched

(2) Repair or replace according to the degree of damage
















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