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Trouble shooting of radial piston motor

Trouble shooting of radial piston motor

The common faults of hydraulic motor in use include non rotation, abnormal speed and torque, excessive noise, internal and external leakage and abnormal heating. The following table is the radial piston type hydraulic motor in the use of some common faults and troubleshooting.


Common faults and troubleshooting of radial piston hydraulic motor

Fault phenomenon


Exclusion method

1. The motor does not rotate or rotates very slowly

(1) Large load, insufficient pump supply pressure

(1) Increase the oil supply pressure of the pump or increase the relief pressure of the relief valve

(2) Screw in the motor housing drain hole joint is too long, causing friction with the rotor

(2) Check the length of oil drain joint and correct it

(3) The coaxiality of the motor output shaft is seriously out of tolerance or the output shaft is too long, and the motor rotor retreats and rubs against the rear cover

(3) Remove the motor and check the output shaft connected to the motor

2. Large oil discharge and weak motor rotation

(1) The piston ring of hydraulic motor is damaged

(1) Disassemble the hydraulic motor and replace the piston ring

(2) The matching surface between the port shaft and the rotor body of the hydraulic motor is damaged (mainly because the impurities in the oil are embedded in the matching surface between the port shaft and the rotor body and "bite" each other)

(2) Check the valve distribution shaft and clean the pipeline and oil tank when re matching

3. Excessive noise

(1) Insufficient oil make-up pressure (i.e. insufficient oil return back pressure)

(1) To increase the pressure of oil replenishment, one-way valve or throttle valve can be added to the oil return circuit to solve the problem

(2) Air in fluid

(2) Check the oil circuit, eliminate the cause of air intake or exhaust air

(3) The oil supply of hydraulic pump is discontinuous or the reversing valve changes direction frequently

(3) Check and eliminate the faults of hydraulic pump and directional valve

(4) There are parts damaged in the hydraulic motor

(4) Disassemble the hydraulic motor, check and replace the damaged parts

4. The motor leaks

(1) The sealing ring is damaged

(1) Disassemble the motor and replace the sealing ring

(2) Same as 1. (2)

(2) Same as 1. (2)

(3) Same as 1. (3)

(3) Same as 1. (3)

(4) The pressure of motor shell cavity is increased and the shaft seal is broken





















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